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Two Great White Sharks passing each other_02_slomo

Two Great White Sharks passing each other_02_slomo

Face-to-face with the ocean's most magnificent predator, the Great White Shark. As top predators in the ocean, great white sharks face only one real threat to their survival: Humans. 

Great Whites are rare due to years of destructive and illegal fishing practices, being hunted for their fins and teeth, resulting in the killing of up to 100 million sharks every year. Great Whites are decreasing in numbers globally, in some areas great white populations have plummeted by over 70%. If not stopped, it could lead to the extinction of this ancient species.


Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve is a protected area and shark encounters are kept as natural as possible.


  • Extinction Risk: Vulnerable (Facing a high risk of extinction in the wild)
  • Scientific Name: Carcharodon carcharias
  • Resolution:  4K 3840 x 2160

    Frame Rate:  23.98 fps | Slow Motion

    Bitrate:  ≈100 Mbps

    File Type:  MP4

    Codec:  H.264