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Our Mission & Vision

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Empowering solution journalism

Blueflix is a cinematic stock footage platform that recognizes the intrinsic value and impact of dynamic imagery to shape climate urgent, solution focused narratives.

Our goal is to inspire and empower content creators across the globe to tell powerful stories that aim to protect the world’s ocean.

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Leading the way

For content creators, filmmakers, journalists, bloggers, activists, and global brands, Blueflix makes it easy to discover and license exceptional underwater stock footage highly curated to save you time to tell authentic stories in visually compelling ways.

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Action and impact

An ocean of stories waiting to be told. Oceans contain the greatest diversity of life on Earth and play an important part in the global climate system. Working together is how we protect and nurture all life on Earth, building a thriving planet. Blueflix contributes to a shared vision of a healthy Blue Planet.

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Challenging the status quo

Our platform will feature filmmakers from around the world and provide their highly curated, exclusive footage for your video projects. Blueflix will continue to grow alongside your stock footage needs, and with the addition of editorial and impact focused climate footage.

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