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Mounds of Black Pearls and Keshi

Mounds of Black Pearls and Keshi


Tahitian black pearls are produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster. The oyster will be surgically implanted with a small shell ball (nucleus) and a piece of mantle (nacre) grafted from another oyster, that will eventually become a pearl. The oysters are placed in baskets to protect them from predators. Baskets are hung vertically every 3 feet on horizontal lines that can reach more than 400 yards. After 2.5 years the oysters are large enough to produce pearls. The pearl is carefully removed, the oysters that made a pearl will receive another nucleus of matching size, and placed into the lagoon for a second and last cycle of creation. 


  • Scientific Name: Pinctada margaritifera
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