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Sharks in Paradise

The Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, sharks here have been fully protected since 2006. The South pass of Fakarava atoll is fished by less than a dozen people, which means healthy fish stocks, healthy predators. During the day, a seemingly endless parade of gray reef sharks hang in the current, resting and saving energy for the nights hunt ahead. These sharks prefer to hunt in darkness, when restfulness turns into wild action.

The remote islands of the Tuamotus, narrow coral rings encircling turquoise lagoons, make up a stunning archipelago flung over an immense stretch of Pacific ocean. These atoll lagoons in French Polynesia, including Fakarava, Toau, Rangiroa, Apataki, Kauehi and Manihi, are a protected paradise where underwater life is spectacular. 

Gray Reef Sharks
Tuamotu Coral Reef