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Tomato Clownfish inside bubble-tip anemone

Tomato Clownfish inside bubble-tip anemone

Anemone Clownfish are territorial and dependent on their host sea anemone which they use as a shelter for the group and a place to lay their eggs. Anemone Clownfish lay their eggs in batches on coral or rock next to the sea anemone they call home. The male, and sometimes the female, will guard and fan the eggs for 6-8 days until they hatch. Clownfish are all born males and the dominant male of a group will turn female when the female of that group dies. They can host in a variety of anemones, such as carpet anemones, condy anemones, and bubble tip anemones.


  • Scientific Name: Amphiprion frenatus
  • Scientific Name:  Amphiprion polymnus
  • Scientific Name:  Amphiprion clarkii
  • Scientific Name:  Amphiprion perideraion
  • Resolution:  4K 3840 x 2160

    Frame Rate:  23.98 fps

    Bitrate:  ≈150 Mbps

    File Type:  MP4

    Codec:  H.264