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Tiger Shark Fins being sliced off_01

Tiger Shark Fins being sliced off_01


Indonesia is one of the top 3 shark fishing nations in the world, thanks to the high demand for shark meat and shark fin soup across Asia. In Tanjung Luar, a small fishing village, hundreds of fishermen make a living out of hunting sharks. Early mornings the fishermen haul tiger, copper, mako and hammerhead sharks off their boats and into the market where the sharks are laid out into rows to be auctioned off. After the auction, the fins and tails of the sharks are sliced off. The shark fins are then laid out to dry before going to Surabaya, Java, where the fins are processed for export to Eastern markets at big prices.


Tiger Shark

  • Extinction Risk: Near Threatened
  • Scientific Name: Galeocerdo cuvier
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