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Pristine Soft Coral Reef with flourishing marine life_01

Pristine Soft Coral Reef with flourishing marine life_01

Drifts over sunlit coral reefs and along coral-encrusted walls, bustling with marine life. Corals look like plants or rocks but they are in fact animals, they don't make their own food, as plants do. Corals have tiny, tentacle-like arms that they use to capture food from the water and sweep into their mouths. A coral is not just one animal but a whole colony of animals. They are beacons of biodiversity that house over a quarter of all marine species and provide food and livelihoods to more than half a billion people worldwide. But these undersea havens now face existential threats from overfishing, coastal development, and heat stress such as coral bleaching brought on by climate change.


  • Extinction Risk: Decreasing to Vulnerable (Facing a high risk of extinction in the wild)


Table Coral

  • Scientific Name: Acropora sp.


Staghorn Coral

  • Scientific Name: Acropora muricata


Cabbage Coral

  • Scientific Name: Turbinaria sp.


Cauliflower Coral

  • Scientific Name: Pocillopora meandrina


Brain Coral

  • Scientific Name: Symphyllia sp.


Blue Coral

  • Scientific Name: Heliopora coerulea


Leathery Soft Coral

  • Scientific Name: Alcyoniidae family