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Leopard Sharks in Kelp Forest_07

Leopard Sharks in Kelp Forest_07

Leopard Sharks cruising the kelp forest in La Jolla, California, home to the largest annual aggregation of Leopard Sharks in the world. The majority of sharks are pregnant female sharks, swimming in relatively shallow warm waters during the day, providing an ideal temperature to incubate, and leave to forage for food at night in the nearby submarine canyon. Leopard sharks feed on many species of fish including bat rays, and are hunted by larger sharks and occasionally marine mammals.


Due to the relatively late age of first reproduction, the slow growth rate, and the low reproduction rate, the leopard shark is potentially threatened by overfishing.


  • Extinction Risk: Least Concern
  • Scientific Name: Triakis semifasciata
  • Resolution:  4K 3840 x 2160

    Frame Rate:  29.97 fps

    Bitrate:  ≈100 Mbps

    File Type:  MP4

    Codec:  H.264