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Horn Sharks in Kelp Forest_07

Horn Sharks in Kelp Forest_07

The Horn Shark gets its name from the white spine “horn” at the front of both dorsal fins, which it uses for protection. These California horn sharks are a docile, solitary species with broad, strong fins used to maneuver over the ocean bottom in search of prey, such as sea urchins and crabs. Camouflaged with dark brown spots, they are found resting in kelp beds, sandy draws between rocks, on sand flats, in deep crevices and small caves. 

In California, horn sharks are of no commercial value. They are taken as bycatch in gillnets and trawls and occasionally by anglers in crab traps.


  • Extinction Risk: Data deficient (Data inadequate to determine a threat category)
  • Scientific Name: Heterodontus francisci
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