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Hammerhead Shark cruising close midwater

Hammerhead Shark cruising close midwater

Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks are predatory, feeding mainly on fish, squid, and stingrays. It has a distinctive flattened head extending to hammer-like lobes on each side. 

Named for their scallop like cephalophoil ‘hammer head’ these large sharks are open water hunters. Using their impressive cranium to detect even the most hidden of prey.


The Scalloped Hammerhead is commercially fished, captured in large numbers on longlines, bottom nets and trawls, in addition to being a sought after gamefish by sport anglers. This has led to complete die off of populations in certain areas.

The IUCN lists scalloped hammerheads as “Critically Endangered”. However little management exists to protect the species in international waters. Due to their migratory schooling behavior, large groups can be harvested in short time. Making them even more at risk from fishing pressures.


  • Extinction Risk: Critically Endangered (Facing extinction in the wild)
  • Scientific Name: Sphyrna lewini