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Flowing school of Convict Tang graze on algae

Flowing school of Convict Tang graze on algae

Convict Tang, aka Manini, is a small surgeonfish named after its bold black stripes on a yellow background. The schooling convict tangs graze on the algae that grows on the reef as the surge moves them around. This doesn't give them time to feed in any one spot for long, keeping the algae short but not killing it. Without the convict tangs the algae would take over the reef and no corals would grow. 


The coral reef is a very fragile part of the ocean, and many creatures are needed to help keep it healthy and in balance. Large schools of surgeonfish are needed to maintain this balance.


  • Scientific Name: Acanthurus triostegus
  • Resolution:  4K 3840 x 2160

    Frame Rate:  29.97 fps

    Bitrate:  ≈150 Mbps

    File Type:  MP4

    Codec:  H.264