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Sea Lions playing near surface in Kelp Forest

Sea Lions playing near surface in Kelp Forest

Los Coronados are a Mexican wildlife refuge and its own ecosystem, no humans are allowed ashore. A place where curious California Sea Lions come in close to check you out.


The California Sea Lion is a coastal eared seal, native to western North America. It's one of six species of sea lion, and are the fastest of all, swimming at top speeds of 25 miles per hour (40 kmph). California sea lions are very playful, and can stay underwater for up to 10 min at a time. While out at sea, they hunt alone or in small groups and eat a variety of prey, including Pacific sardines, anchovies, red octopus and squid.


  • Extinction Risk: Least Concern
  • Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus


Fields of golden Southern Sea Palm swaying back and forth with the surge and waves, intensely green Surfgrass undulating over the rocky reef, with bright orange Garibaldi fish swimming through the seaweed, together creating a stunning undersea landscape of color and texture.


Southern Sea Palm

Scientific Name: Eisenia arborea



Scientific Name:  Phyllospadix


Red Sea Plume

Scientific Name: Asparagopsis taxiformis



Scientific Name: Sargassum horneri