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Drift through Purple Whip Gorgonians on rocky reef

Drift through Purple Whip Gorgonians on rocky reef

A world of living coral reefs, an oasis of rich biodiversity. A rock islet just north of Isla Cerralvo, one of the most beautiful sites in the area. A large reef is populated by purple gorgonians and large schools of brightly colored Cortez Rainbow Wrasse, King Angelfish and Yellowtail Surgeonfish.


The Rainbow Wrasse method of reproduction, the color phase with lateral red and yellow stripes includes both males and females. They reproduce by broadcast spawning, when large numbers of males and females rise from the bottom in a loose group and release eggs and sperm at the top of the water column before returning to their bottom habitat.


Purple Whip Gorgonian

  • Scientific Name:  Pseudopterogorgia sp


Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

  • Scientific Name: Thalassoma lucasanum


Yellowtail Surgeonfish

  • Scientific Name: Prionurus punctatus


King Angelfish

  • Scientific Name: Holacanthus passer
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